Thursday, 11 August 2011

Keep Calm and Drink Up

I absolutely love quotes. Whether they are about life, love, inspiration, motivation, or just completely random, I think they are fun to read. Since I really enjoy reading them, I have little quote books in my room that I bought from Chapters. The first little book I bought was "Keep Calm and Carry On" which is filled with life quotes about happiness, friendship, change, mistakes, failures, etc. Then one day I saw another one called "Screw Calm and Get Angry". I had to get it since some days (okay...a lot of days) I am very negative! This one has quotes about hypocrisy, morality, anger, etc. I gotta say...that one is fun to read when you're in a bad mood!

So then last week, I happened to come across a new one called "Keep Calm and Drink Up". Had to get this one too for the little collection going on! The quotes are about wine, beer, rum, vodka, and drinking in general. It's entertaining to read! Here are photos of some of the quotes. I wonder what they will come out with next?


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