Sunday, 14 August 2011

DIY: Scarf Hanger

For those of you that are obsessed with scarves like I am, you will appreciate this post. My scarf collection just keeps getting bigger and bigger because I seriously love wearing them. But the way I had them hanging just wasn't working. They were taking up too much room in my closet and ended up getting all wrinkly. So I decided to search online for different ways to hang scarves and came across a DIY Scarf Hanger video. It was the perfect solution! All you need are shower curtain rings (I got some at the dollar store) and a hanger. Just attach the rings onto the hanger, hang your scarves through the rings, and voila! Not only do they stay wrinkle-free, but they are easy to look through and don't take up too much room. Here is what it looks like (yes...I have more than one hanger and am going on my third). Can't wait to buy some new ones this fall ;)



  1. Absolutely brilliant!!!

  2. I was planning on doing this also but thinking of putting a little hot glue btwn the shower hooks to keep them from sliding to far.

  3. Excellent idea. Many thanks!